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Genealogy of the Wight family

Sources: Most of the information here comes from the Wight books via Glen Wight, and from Gaylord Wight's family history. The Griswold and Ballard organisations supplied some information. The rest was taken from various Websites.
Recent: Clarence Wight (my grandfather) was one of four brothers who moved to Canada from Nebraska. Clarence, Harold and Lucien purchased farms near Lang Saskatchewan and Guy in Alberta. Clarence and Guy had married sisters. All four bothers had families: Lucien 2, Guy 6, Clarence 7 and Harry 3. Two other brothers, Lewis and Earle, stayed in Nebraska. The only sister in the family died in her teens. The family's parents were William Kimball Wight and Mary Eastman who came from Illinois to pioneer in Nebraska.
Distant: The surnames associated with this family are:
Abell, Alford/Alvard, Alger, Alling/Allen, Allyne, Alright, Andrews, ap Adam of Beaverstone, Armildez, Ashley, Atherton, Atwood, Audley/de Audley, Avery, Bagg, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ballard/Ballord, Barrett, Barrington, Bealknap, Beauchamp/de Beauchamp, Berkeley/de Berkeley, Betteshorne, Bissell, Boyce, Brailsford, Brereton, Brews/de Brewes, Brown, Broxton, Buck, Buckingham, Bulland/Bullard, Burnap, Burnham, Burt, Butler/le Butler, Cadwell, Calthorpe, Capen, Carrillo, Cavieres, Charles, Charleton, Cheney, Chileab, Church, Clark/Clarke, Clivedon, Colburn, Cooper, Coppin, Corbet, Cotton/de Coton, d'Albini, Dagworth, Damer, Darcy, Davenport, Day, de Acton, de Acuna, de Arundel, de Ayala, de Barroso, de Birtles, de Blancminster, de Bohun, de Braose, de Burgh, de Cantlupe, de Capenhurst, de Chedell, de Cherleton, de Chilham, de Clifford, de Dover, de Erdington, de Furnival, de Geneville, de Gournay, de Heyton, de Hogh, de Holland, de La Roche, de Langton, de Ossorio, de Percy, de Pulford, de Quincy, de Ros, de Saint Omer, de Sodington, de Somery, de Soto-Mayor, de St Aubin, de Stapleton, de Tittenlegh, de Toeni, de Toledo, de Ufford, de Velasco, de Zavallos, Denys, Devereux, Dilkington, Drake, Dutton, Dwight, Eastman/Estman, Eaton, Echingham, Edwards, Ellis, Evarts, Everard, Farrington, Fenwick, Ferrers, FitzAlan, Fitzgeoffrey, Fitzroger, Fitzroy, Fitzthomas, FitzWilliam, Fletcher, for the, Fouleshurst, French, Galloway, Garbrand, Garcia, Gaylord, Giffard, Giggs, Gooch, Goodenow, Goza, Grafton, Grant, Granville, Graves, Griswold, Grosvenor/le Grosvenor, Grymelond, Gudiel, Haccombe, Harris, Haven, Hawkins, Hellesby, Hicks, Hobert, Honford, Hooker, Hopton, Horde, Howlett, Hudson, Hunt, Huntington, Hussey, Ingersoll/ Inkersall, Ivory, James, Kilbourne, Knyvett, L'Arcedekne, la Zouche/le Zouche, Lacon, Lane/Layne, le Botillier, le Despencer, Lewis, Leycester, Loring, Lothrop, Love, Lovell, Lucy, Ludlow, Lunn, Lunsford, Lynde, Mainwaring, Maltravers, March, Martin, Mauteby, Miller, Minshull, Moody, Moore, Mortimer/de Mortimer, Moss, Mountjoy, Nash, Neville/de Neville, Newberry, Newbury, Newton, Newtown, Odingsells, Oilyver, Onley, Palmer, Partridge, Patrick, Payne, Pontesbury, Poppy, Porter, Pratt, Prideaux, Prior, Purchase, Pycroft, Riddlesdale, Rockwell, Rogers, Rooke, Root, Roundy, Royle, Russell, Scudder, Smith, Southcott, Spernor, Stafford/de Stafford, Standley, Stanley, Stebbins, Stoughton, Styles, Sutton/de Sutton, Swinfen, Talbot, Talcott, Thomas, Thornton, Tilton, Townsend, Tuttle, Urridge, Valentine, Venables/de Venables, verch Griffith de la Pole, Vernon/de Vernon, Vessey, Wadsworth, Waterhouse, Webster, Welch, Welles/de Welles/Wells, White, Whiting, Wight, Willet, Wilson, Wingfield, Winslow, Wraske, Wright, Wyke, Wythe, Young/Younge

My grandparent's parents had pioneered in Nebraska and their parents had pioneered in Illinois and so back through a few previous generation moving progressively westward from New England. The ancestors remained in New England for about 6 generations before beginning to move west.
Most of these names are mentioned in Savage (A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England before 1692 – James Savage). In New England, the Wight branch of the tree started with Thomas Wight who arrived in Dedham in 1635 (and other original settlers) and their descendants who stayed in Massachusetts for a number of generations. The Griswold – Abell branch of the tree has settlers from Norwick Connecticut. The Ballard branch of the tree has settlers from Lynn and Framingham Massachusetts. The Eastman – Day branch started with Roger Estman and has settlers from Connecticut and Massachusetts (especially towns: Springfield, Hadley and Hartford). The Hooker – Ingersoll branch of the tree started with Thomas Hooker and settlers in Connecticut. The Gaylord branch of the tree started with John Porter and settlers in Windsor Connecticut. These people came from puritan groups and hardly ever married outside the New England families like themselves. Some traced their roots back to the English gentry before their arrival in America.

Little family tree