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My memories
Memories of Herat  - camping in Afghanistan in 70's and how different from now
Industrial landscape - the look of industry in 60's in Europe, UK and especially Coventry 
Koloyyma - Harry's story about his Ukranian experience in 50's Germany 
Not my blueberries  - some phrases that stand for concepts to me because of memories
Being dyslexic - my memories of dealing with dyslexia & how reading and writing was mastered 
A claim to fame - my claims to fame are being on a train that got lost and getting lost on a train 
Memories of Kenya - memories of the days after the assassination of Tom Mboya
A more generous used-to-be - England has a new hard edge & memories of learning of working class history 
The Coventry raid  - The bombing of Coventry and how it looks now that we know about Enigma  
Traveling unprepared  - memories of first part of the overland trip from Africa to Europe
Just one of those days - the day I fell down a manhole and other disasters happened
Years ago in daFranco - meeting Patagonians in Loughborough cafe 
The hitchhiking dog - a dog getting a lift from us in a Kenyan gamepark
Harold and me 1941 - memories of playing with cousin Harold 
On the woodpile 1942 - memories of Houghtalings and memories of the wood pile
The kiss - memories of playing with cousin Hugh   
Waving at trains - memories of my love of trains
The Kyber Pass - moving to Leicester and staying alone for a few weeks 
Riding the wind - getting and learning to ride a bike  
The goat  - finding a lost goat at Veterinary College in Nairobi
Starting School - learning to tie my shoes was a foresight of what was to come in school 
The scene - 'the scene' was sometimes where I was especially when we lived in Vancouver 
Chess - Grandpa taught me chess and watching games has given me a lot of pleasure 
Me and Frogs - stories of using frogs for pregnacy tests as a young med tech
Were you there? - resolving a puzzling and hurtful episode in my first year or so in school
What is a Roho? - tales about the Renault R4L cars we have owned
Really early memories - memories that had no been touched or changed because they were not updated 
Bon Ami - fun with Mom giving me my sex education with drawings on the windows 
Non-traditional holiday - a Christmas of curry, marzipan and mead
Retirement - getting prepared for retirement and noticing Peter's Principle 
Childhood diseases  - my memories of having childhood diseases
Still alive - memories of cancer, operations, radiation and recovery 
The opening of the Open University - what it was like to be one of the original OU students
Tulips - tulips remind me of how I felt when my father died
Family games - playing battleship with cousin Marjorie and other games that gave my pleasure
Going to the lake - memories of losing a wheel in Vinegar Valley
A day in the cellar - the hottest day of my childhood
A goat named Salome: a goat we had in Austria
The psycodelic capital of the world - the start of LSD research was in Weyburn
The teacherage - memories of Waverley teacherage
Tricks of memory - memories are not perfect even if they seem to be
Bare skin freezes - the two times when I was frozen
Living with noise - the noisiest place we have lived
A close call with anorexia - was anorexic but saved
The man in the little room upstairs - negotiating wages years ago
Snow - mishaps in the snow
Eclipse and flowers - unique memories from around 1945
Weeding - memories of weeding & gardens
Panic - my few time of panic
A broken knee - the perfect treatment for my broken knee

A right-handed Janet - short time as rightie & other memories
Happy Birthday WWW - first awareness of the Web
Simon - old friend Simon de Jong died
Northern Lights - perfect display remembered
Being a Toastmaster -  thoughts about public speaking
Totally alone - driving alone on a learners permit
Playing alone - playing unsupervised in safe days
A memory of Madeline - our last chat
Going away party - party on  a house boat
The comfort of drawing - my bad drawing is still comforting
Nichevo - our weird kitten in Leamingon Spa
Stephania's visit - Harry's mother & his family
The phone - getting a call through in Kenya

Nairobi Eye Fly - a terrible little dudu
The cricket conversation - cultural difference of English speakers

Harry's arm - toddler frightened by Harry's bandaging
The month of May - my mother's month
Braiding flowers - learning manual skills
Fried flowers - elder flower eaten in Austria
Chicken day - preparing 100 chickens for the year
Rose hip jam - wartime food
Moonflower: memory of a plant and drink in Kenya
Stuff - how I came to have a messy house
Rae Street - a house that I lived in for many years with many people
A thin text - memories of chemistry texts
The doll and the kettle - memories of two unwanted gifts
Balls of fire - mothers tale of ball lightening
Old fashioned elections - memory of paper elections

Changing spots - co-worker who changed overnight
Christmas presents - my first Christmas present that was really special

Old questions - questions about a split brain
Free range children - nostalgia for lost liberty of children

Hobos - hobo signs maybe marked the farm in the 30s
Memories I didn't have - glimpses from before I remember
Dad's illness - living with type 1 diabetes

My first letter - that's what it says on the envelop
My only night in the wild -  camping in a bamboo forest
The other Janet - learning some prespective on life and laughing
When the boat comes in - remembering TV before reality TV
Mother's coat - getting lost at Christmas
MRDA - Mandy Rice-Davies still stating the obvious
Madeline's problem - to write but not read
Snorkeling - fun of snorkeling near Mombasa

The Cheyenne story - Uncle Ronnie's drive through Cheyenne
Powers of 10 -  three examples of funny math
Footsteps in the night - a scary story with a comic end

The polio years - the epidemic when I was young
My sunken garden - good and bad years for White City garden
The condom story - amusing telephone conversation
My second language - a joke taken seriously

Saskatoon Berry - a saskatoon by any other name
Industrial Landscapes - getting used to industry
Drowsing on the Orient Express - understanding a German conversation

Elkhound - stories about Badger dog
The Millennium Speech - humourous speech that won prizes

Thoughts on my 75th birthday - a look at my life at this milestone
Alice behind the door - an imaginary childhood double

Ghostly encounters  -  ghost stories and their effects
Fairies and Bubbles - my first bedroom
The Black Board - Uncle Ronnie's gift of a slate black board

France and the French
Sitting dogs - pictures of chien assis type of dormer windows 
What is rude? - which is more rude, being friendly or being efficient? 
Liberte Equalite Fraternite - French democratic goal is a balance between freedom, equality and community 
Bourges Catherdral - pictures of the famous first High Gothic catherdral 
Road numbering in France - one thing the French do badly is to number roads 
Bourges and Caesar - how the Romans took Bourges
The King of Bourges - at the low point of the 100 years war Charles VII held only Bourges
Duty to French - the French seem to feel a duty to their language 
Bourges marshes - the marshes around Bourges are a national heritage sight 
Bourges and Calvinism  - Calvin became Protestant in Bourges University, Huguenots were his French followers
French Cultural Dimensions - France's Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions compared to other places I have lived 
French Healthcare - we are very happy with French Healthcare 
French taxes - the way taxation is done in France 
Bengy's Guillaume Pelvoysin - our village has a famous son who was architect on the Bourges Cathedral 
August 29 1944 - story of a shooting incident near our village during German retreat 
Bengy sur-Craon's history - history of our village since Roman times 
Marianne  - of course, the French Government has to have a sexy logo
Bourges and King Arthur - local tradition of King Arthur coming to France and that he died here
Reveillon du Noel - French Christmas customs
Rue Saint-Exupery  -  author of 'The Little Prince' is connected to neighbouring village, Avord
Paris Syndrome
Japanese get sick from the stress of visiting Paris
Ecluse des Lorrains - pictures of unusual circular lock into the Allier river 
The picture book cottage - pictures of the well kept but not restored neighbouring house  
Pollarding - pictures of pollarded trees and history of the practice 
Apremont sur Allier
- pictures and explanation of a beautiful village
Who dislikes France? - opinion poll showing that most Americans do not dislike France
The Burka - France is outlawing covered faces in public 
Many languages of France  - it was a long time before most of France used French
How green are the French? - French like others are patchy on what environmental hazards they attend to 
French holidays - we often are catch out by French holidays, listed 
French and Anglo-Saxon friendship and animosity - periods of being enemies and being friends
La Galette du Roi - history of special after Christmas pastry  
2010 Quality of Life Index  - France takes first place in Index
Old postcards of Bengy sur Craon - pictures of collection of village old ago 
ETA bombs in Bussy - Basque terrorists live quietly in French countryside 
Thin France - France take steps to stay thin
Psychological Violence - law passed making psychological violence a crime 
Time warp - France is both modern and old fashioned
Bettencourt scandal - a big entertaining scandal in France
Heavy legs: a very French condition
Rom - Sarkozy and the gypsies
Culture of demonstration - French expect government to bow to public opinion
French economy - what is the outlook for France's economy
French Christmas - little drawing
The French hexagon - the way French children draw the map
Maison de la Reine Blanche - an old biulding in Bourges
What is a secular state? - French problems with secular state
French gender - a Qwantz cartoon
Welfare in France - Toynbee's view of the France welfare state
Le Printemps de Bourges - Bourges has a big pop festival
Nuclear France - France has many nuclear power stations
Before and after DSK - French reaction to the arrest of Strauss-Kahn
Vegetarians in France - it's not easy to avoid meat in France
Boulanger - the great French bread
The Philosophy exam - the French bac starts with 4 hr Philo

Closing a box - French ways to close boxes
No fracking in France - first country to ban
French tales - a French fairy tale
French movies - illustrious history of French cinema
Artistic Freedom - French resistance to censorship
Bits and Pieces - bits of French news
The euro is a French dream - monetary union is a very old goal
Berry buildings - local architecture
Saint Ursinus and pilgrimages to Bourges - Bourges is on prilgrimage routes
French grammar problems - does mademoiselle have a future?
Child rearing - how are French children raised?

Berry dovecotes - Pigeons as status symbols
Fighting Monsanto - Monstanto gives up on France
Algerian War - the war still haunts France
Not medicating children - French and US treatment of ADHD
May Day in France - French traditions of May 1
Francois Hollande - presidential election
Ayrault - a look at France's new government
The European right-wing - far right parties in Europe
The Bituriges-Cubi - history from our part of France
Labour relations - France's terrible bosses
Charlemagne and Offa: the origin of old English money
August in France - what France is like in August
La Pharmacie - how different is a French pharmacy
Out of step with Europe - France refuses to promote regional languages
Where is Alesia? - an archeological scandal
The French Quarter - there are many French in London
The Witches of Berry - Bourges is center of French witchcraft

French holidays in 2013 - next year's calendar
Nutella - fight over taxing Nutella

The de Gaulle legacy - What is a Gaullist party?
The Polygon landscape - the mixture of landscape on the firing range
Oradour-sur-Glane - a villiage frozen in time
Genre - new French slang
French Intangible Cultural Heritage - descriptions from UNESCO list
Burying a General - controversy over General's reputation
The Marseillaise - the odd story of the French anthem

Secular Charter - new rules for French sclools
French intervention - why did the French want to invade Syria
Non - France says no to fracking and Amazon practices
France has unequal education - PISA ratings show increase in inequality in French schools
French snub Google - a little hint that they are not pleased
Our weather - the climate in our part of France
Chubby - why so few chubby French women
The millionaire's  tax is back - the law is back for a 75% tax
Sexism in politics - France is more sexist than it appears
A new government for France - Valls is the new Prime Minister
C'est un 'go-fast' - the new way to move drugs
A lynching - attempted murder of Roma boy
French Health-care will survive - pessimism from economists is wrong
Changing French regions - new map of France, 22 to 13 regions
Most visited county in 2013 - the tourist trade in France
A bad address - a building with a history is difficult to use
Guedelon - biulding a medieval castle with medieval methods
The mess in Calais - deadlock for refugees catch in the port
Diem Bein Phu - battle ending French rule in Indochina
Phil Exam - a look at how serious is philosophy in French education        
Where France is tops - list of things where France is top
Le fessee or the smack - spanking in France needs a law
Three daughters and a granddaughter, all blonde - the Le Pen family feud

School strike - why are French teachers striking?

Language and public speaking
Estuary English - the spread of a new accent in England
T'wer me poorly toe - complaints about the pronoun police 
My favourites of Madeline Reid's recent poems - I like my cousin's poems 
The art of, um, speaking clearly - a magazine articleon those little sounds that I found interesting 
Not finding a Toastmaster club - I was put in my place by a 'real' toastmaster   
Oral tradition - meteorite in Kalevala epic 
Beware Powerpoint - situation where visual aides are counterproductive  
The sight metaphor - analysis of a very common type of metaphor 
Time metaphors - various ways we speak of time 
Love your audience - advice on overcoming fear when speaking - the audience is not your enemy 
Speaking Skills - a group of items in PDF form taken from a Toastmaster newletter I once edited  
Meeting Roles
a group of items in PDF form taken from a Toastmaster newletter I once edited
How to be terribly vague - nine ways to be unclear 
Conversazioni - article from newspaper on new popularity of debating clubs
A new leadership theory - summary of magazine article on new ideas of leadership 
Metaphor - a speech I gave on metaphor some years ago
The science of team success - magazine article on how to form effective teams 
A long thread - summary of a very long thread of comments on a terrible article 
Defense of SO - carrying on from 'a long thread' my thoughts on why 'thus' can't replace 'so' 
Grammar Day - raging against grammar police 
Runglish - making fun of Russian English 
Commas - my problem with the rules around the use of commas 
Hopefully there are easier ways - how to research the use of 'hopefully' 
The schwa - about the little nondescript vowel so common in England 
Texting - children who text often are better not worst at formal English 
What's a snowclone, an eggcorn and a Cupertino -nicknames used by LanguageLog for interesting language 
Word Wars - how rude corrections of language make me angry and how I do not handle it well
Forget the logic - the rules of language are simply not logical
A Child's Christmas in Wales - Dylan Thomas' language is like music - has to be hear rather than read
Were it so - sometimes there is no right way 
Speaking with elevation - it works but be careful, it can backfire 
A Swalhili joke
 - a repeated joke in 'kitchen' Swalhili
Grammar rant  - I add to an authorities rand at 'Strunk and White' 
Feeling terribly  - should 'feeling' be followed by an adjective and adverb
Why pronouns?   -  using pronouns saves working memory in the listener
The Plot - the 12 steps in a classic story plot 
Blogging Standards  - don't lie, hide, steal or hurt
Oral tradition 2 - a number of historical & prehistorical professional oral knowledge keepers   
Bullshit - bullshit is not the same as falsehood 
Why genders in some languages? - the usefulness and age of noun classes
Thoughts on the origin of language - how did language come about?
Word order - in pairs of words there are rules about which comes first
Regional Pride  - some accents are growing and holding their own against Estuary English  
Grammar at the coalface - an unbelievable argument about teaching grammar in Australia 
Sarcasm - there should be a mark for the ironic 
Orwell's advice - flaws in Orwell's rules for good writing
Speech give-aways - the press is misleading people with counting words
Halfalogues - the reason we hate people on their mobile/cell phones
Indian Summer - memorizing poetry as a child
So revisited: another look at my favorite little word
Imitating in conversation - imitation is part of communication
The sounds of language - language uses ability to understand objects
Swearing - swearing is a two edged sword
Passive voice - weird grammar complaint
Thinking with our hands - gestures help us think
Persuasion - list of do's for persuasion
OK - an odd little word
The wolfpack effect - why public speaking is scary
No word for it - there is a word for dyslexia in phonetic languages
Time to give up - some words have changed - accept it
English spelling - why is it so terrible?
Gossip - an important part of being human

Dealing with mistakes - the language blogs I like
The cold call - what makes us talk to cold callers
The Oxford comma - my usual complaint
Appalled - the lie and lay mess
Feral label - effect of calling rioters 'feral'
Happy Birthday King James Bible - poetry by committee
Scientific mis-understandings - words that cause problems
Fast and slow languages - the same time to say the same thing
Christmas evening - part of A Child's Christmas in Wales
New languages - how languages begin
Oratory - how presidents speak
Hashtags spreading - another change to the language
Language for communication - ambiguity is not a fault but a feature
Communication changes - old and modern phones
Suspense is overrated - stories are enjoyed more when the ending is known
Very old notes - notes for medieval scribes
What is believable? - how to be convincing
Pronunciation poem - humourous poem
Haywire - interesting etymology
Kin classifications - how many words for relationships?
RULES and rules - what are grammar rules anyway?
A new snowclone - an recent pattern of overuse
Nervous cluelessness - how some mistakes start
Burglarized?: when language has no impact
Oxford comma - a joke on the subject
Right said Fred - an old English comic song
Like oil & water - numbers and works don't mix
Literally funny - a language cartoon
The Metcalf Prize - prize for fake grammar rule
British-isms - words flowing from UK to USA
Is English Scandinavian? - what sort of Germanic language is English
Stages of language changes -  an index to identify stages of change

Who and Whom - forget about whom
How we learn case or not - learning language 'by ear'
The very model of an amateur grammarian - poem after style of  Gilbert and Sullivan
Sunstone -
evidence for a Viking legend
The lady doth protest too much, me thinks - analysis of the line's English
Babbling - what are babies doing when they babble
Meaningful puffs - babies learn grammar before we think they do
When literally is not literally literal - why the anger of use of literally?
Who is rational? - how economists mislead us with this word
A new language - not just a new language but new type of language
So that is that, period - the full stop has a new role
Metahumour - a cartoon
Sorry to say - Sorry is a nice useful word
Interesting words - foriegn words we should have
Competence and Performance - result of separating language from communication
Rhyme or Reason - why aphorisms work
Geek speak - interesting computer slang 
The DTR techniques - disrupt-then-reframe is being used to influence you

Attributive nouns - grammar with no rules
How to recognize violence coming - which types of hate speech lead to violence
John Newlove - tribute to the poet on birthday
 The usage game: catering to perverts - description of usage book users
Oral, written and in between - different forms of English
The etymology of fairy ann - a WW1 eggcorn in Lancestershire

To boldly split - a rave about split infinitives
A child's Christmas in Wales - the start of Dylan Thomas' poem
12 Mistakes Nearly Everyone Who Writes About Grammar Mistakes Makes - a linguist's view
Headlinese - the separate English for leadlines

Remember Ferlinghetti - the Great Chinese Dragon poem

So... - a defence of this useful little word

Social connotations colour accents
- asked for aesthetic judgments, people make social ones

About health but especially mine
Backs and Bricks - the spine is not like a pile of bricks 
Dyslexia 1 - dyslexia is genetic fault in the migration of cells that gives brain its structure 
Dyslexia 2 - seems to be two types of dyslexia - list of symptoms 
Dyslexia 3 - main fault is inability to process very fast, short sounds 
Dyslexia 4 - why certain risks give more severe dyslexia, why it doesn't disrupt oral language  
Dyslexia 5 - bits and pieces not included in first 4 articles 
Weight 1 - what is metabolic syndrome? 
Weight 2 - insulin resistance, obesity, inflammation is vicious circle in metabolic syndrome 
Weight 3 - hormones produced by fat tissue and other bits and pieces 
Alzheimers 1 - my mother and her mother's decline, progress of Alzheimers 
Alzheimers 2 - possible future treatments and diagnosic tools 
Alzheimers 3 - risk factors for Alzheimers - the problem of grief 
Celiac Disease - symptoms - nature of the disease - diet changes 
Nutritionism - my distrust of healthy food fads 
More exercise - what I need is exercise
Medical Myths - 6 widely believed but wrong 'truths' 
Alzheimers 4 - Getting old - one way that neurons die
Cured Dyslexics - dyslexics that have learned to read show a different process in brain scans compared to normals 
Vitamin D - why I am trying Vit D supplements 
Celiac and skin conditions - celiac affects the skin as well as the gut
Holy Powder - I can enjoy eating tumeric more now
What APP does - what is the use of the precurser of the amyloid that plaques in Alzheimers
Celiac Insights - article from Sc Am on celiac 
Too clean for our own good - the biology of nitric oxide and its connection with Metabolic Syndrome
Maybe the molecule of the century - zonulin and auto-immune disease
Bile acid  - having gall badder removed can lead to a type of diarrhia caused by bile acids
Is Christmas a hazard to your health?  - over doing things in the middle of winter is both good and bad
Exercise surprises - trainers and sports shoes are not good for knees and hips 
Saturated fat was framed - another rant at nutritionist 
Old age supplements - a list of the popular supplements for old folks

The magic bullet pill - diet pills have been dangerous
What are trans fats? - the chemistry of trans fats and why they are dangerous
Diabetes 1 - symptoms, risks, treatments for type 2 diabetes
Diabetes 2 - nutrition for type 2 diabetes
Not all diseases are equal - prestige among diseases
Diabetes 3: muscle and bone effects
Stress kills - there is good stress and bad stress
A treatment for Alzheimers will be later rather than sooner - oops wrong theory
Personalized medicine - real personalized medicine is not near
Dyslexia update - recent news on dyslexia
Fraud - vaccine-autism link is a fraud

Saccharomyces boulardii - magic yeast medicine
Blood pressure and drinking water - there is a connection
Olive oil cough - when olive oil makes you cough it's good for you
Alone but not lonely - loneliness is unhealthy but some need solutude too
Breakfast - maybe it is not good to eat a big breakfast
Undiagnosed celiac - increased risk and frequency
EHEC - the new killer E.coli
Grief myths - much that is said of grief is not proven
The Anti-fat Lobby - fat is not evil, disgusting or immoral

Goat cheese - praise of a favourite food
Epilepsy First Aid - advice has been updated
Orthorexia - taking picky eating too far
High Bllod Pressure non-drug treatments - how well do they work
Nano dangers - nano particles in products may be dangerous
Even the rich - inequality affect health even for the rich
Are we in danger from the internet? - the Greenfield controversy
Why placebos work - how we can heal ourselves
Handedness and disease - some diseases are linked to handedness
Dyslexia 7 - identification of what is wrong
Metabolic Syndrome - are the obese being poisoned?
The fights over the DSM-5 - problems with new mental illness manual
Bits about nutrition - what is left from a file clean out
Why is stress bad for us - stress causes unflammation
Autism debates - my attitude to the questions
Notes on epigenetics and similar - weird quirks of genetics
Myths about eating disorders - the press fails on anorexia
The polio affair - how the polio-eradication program was damaged
Cost of erect posture - illustration of ills of bipedalism
Maybe good news - Alzheimers maybe can be diagnosed much earlier
Misfolded protein diseases - what alzheimers, mad cow and cystic fibrosis have in common
Computerized health - very large system are rarely good value
The obesity paradox - its not about fat but about fitness
Antibacterial soaps - triclosan is dangerous
New meds for my joints - doctor says use ASU
Genetics textbooks will have to be rewritten - genetics is changing fast
Dealing with stress - the effects of stress happen later

Why is there a flu season? - why flu in the winter
Biological Energy - explanation of muscle work
Printing for dyslexics - layouts to make reading easier
Anatomy of dyslexia - what is wrong in dyslexia
Obesity 1 - part of a collection of information on wieght
Obesity 2 - Taubes essay on alternative hypothesis
Obesity 3 - how are obesity and heart disease related
Obesity 4 - connection between fat and immunity
Trans fat - avoid partial hydrogenated fat/oil
Some myths are true - HFCS is bad for you
Phonological awareness - the PAT test gives a feel for dyslexia
Alzheimers news - a batch of new approaches to treatment
More Alzheimers News - some more new approaches in research
Recognize stroke - 4 easy tests for identifying stroke
Yes or no to breakfast - breakfast is good for most but not for a few
Protein diagrams - beautiful patterns illustrating proteins
A new look at the beginnings of Alzheimers - look at pre-diagnoses disease
How safe are supplements? - contention over how supplements are tested
Dyslexia  upside -  Gladwell book is bad and other bits of information
Further news on dyslexia - 3 theories, maybe all right
Too much of a good thing - antioxidants can be overdone

DMS-5 - new psych manual with flaws
Doctor doubting need for gluten-free diet - arrogant, cruel and ignorant
Watch out for dietary advice - some things are known but the rest is fad and ignorance
What causes fibromyalgia? - new and credible theory

News on diabetes
- new theory on cause of diabetes type 1 and 2
New chronic fatigue theory - communication fault between brain and muscle
New Alzheimer's testing system - faster,  cheaper, not animal
Reversing memory lose - a drug-less trial
Shh don't tell anyone - attempts to suppress scientific data
The mechanism of red wine health effects - what resveratrol does
It begins  with  RNA - RNA in a ribosome could be the basis of life
Which calories are the worst? - corporations buying influence
Clostridium difficile - How Cdiff attacks explains George's death
Artificial Sweeteners - why they cause weight gain
Pain - A look at how pain works

Not driving - why I don't drive - dyslexics have very slow reaction times 
Is it a bird? Is it a moth? - the hummingbird hawk moth
Thoughts on thoughts - neuroscience will be a revolution (like Copernius, Darwin, Einstein etc.) 
Models - a long PDF file I wrote in the early 80s on how the brain works 
Try a cryptic - the joys of cryptic crossword puzzles 
Why genealogy? - why would someone do genealogy? 
...and all that - a bit of the book '1066 and all that' 
Ubuntu  - a collection of meanings for Ubuntu in various Bantu languages
Dog's tails and dancing girls - the sense and nonsense of right-brain and left-brain 
The scientific method - what make science so successful   
More fossils - about Jurassic glass sponges 
Weather that matters - weather in places we have lived 
The end of the world as you know it - an article from the web on climate change 
The real experience - seeing works of art is different from seeing photos of them
Dyscalculia - people who can't do maths like dyslexics can't spell
 Mr. Do-it-in-the-road  - Papua New Guinea genius
Fractal wrongness  - description of someone who is wrong at every scale of knowledge
Coming in under the radar - watch out for nanotechnology
Slime molds
- the magic of cellular slime moulds
Ghosts - how people (and Mom) felt the presence of a dead loved one 
No invisible hand - the market follows the behaviour of feedback not magic  
Is Rand to blame? - the roots of the financial crisis 
Black Swan proofing - Taleb's rules for the financial system 
Snooker - I love watching snooker 
Rich loud mellow melodious - nightengale and meadow lark 
Underdogs  - the worst wars are between two underdogs
Little red flowers - Scarlet Pimpernel 
Getting on with Ubuntu  - I am a convert to Unix, no more Microsoft
Health care systems - the three separate inventions of Health Care 
Doing the right thing - there is no praise for doing the right thing
What about those Riders! - Saskatchewan's great football team
We have known for a long time  - torture does not work
Is right righteous? - what is different about being left-handed
How are humans different? - counting the ways that humans are unique
The undiagnosed - many people have undiagnosed handicaps 
The best schools - schools in Finland are the best 
Poisonous plants - hemlock 
Love of clouds - manifesto of Cloud Appreciation Society
Melancholy Slavs - people who enjoy being sad
Nothing is perfect: the problems of Goodhart's Law
3 interesting facts about leadership - nice people, go bad, then choose woman
Old clothes - the history of blue jeans demin
America's image - how European conservatives see the States
Dog wisdom - forget about dominence
Chaser - the dog with the big vocabulary
Purple flowers in spring - primrose and crocus
Slime mold news - their even more clever
Love of Biology - biology is great but not everyone agrees
Tom Fleck - the teaser from Harry Nicholson's book and one of his enamels
A new World - we live in a new world
Rinderpest and measles - rinderpest is extinct
Conspiracy - why such a big royal wedding?
Email manners - rules for the busy
Marmite - the weird and famous spread

Dog body language - Bradshaw's list
Kludge - dislike of the word and idea
MBA problems - why they are called 'Major Bad Ass'
Food riots - tradition of bread riots
Berkeley Climate Report - climate skeptics research as a surprise to them
Perspectives on Death Numbers - perspective can be surprising
Weird brassicas - cabbage family's new members
Watch the dog's tail - dog have handed tails
Science blogging - aggregating sites
Duh and Doh - worst of 2011 lists
Farming slime molds - some husband their food
Do pets make us happy? - surprisingly, no
The big companies - who owns the world
Bloody Beavers - a little laugh
The savanna look - why few and flat trees
Too dumb to know it - mismatch in competence & self-confidence
A moral issue - Hansen says climate change is a moral issue
The big warming around the corner - the warming will feed the warming
Ready to say goodbye to bees? - the cause of colony collapse
Re-runs - I'm not alone in liking re-runs
New way to explain extreme weather - scientists using probability
Doing the arithmetic - no fossil fuel shortage but the opposite
Events of AD 774 - mystery cosmic event
Harry's little trick - song from a small boy comes true
A very old flower - plants from 32000 years old seed
Fraud found using stats - ways to find fraudsters
What is it about nines? - doing arithmetic with nines
There will be 'omes everywhere - big data projects

Prehistoric artists - Palaeolithic man was very artistic
Big History - a new way to teach history
A virus within a virus - parasites in parasites
Whats in a name - unusual and conventional names, even illegal names
Did Neanderthals talk? The evidence that our cousins talked
Dilbert - a Dilbert strip that got me
Counting maypies - why is one for sorrow?
Bachelor Buttons - also called cornflowers and symbols of many things
Glowing in the dark - finding a glow worm
Modern times - what started happening 13000 years ago
Where I can go in my Twizy - why and how far the 'red sporty snail'
Saskatoon berries - similar to Myrtle berries
Go Riders - a description of Rider Nation and winning the Grey Cup
Sniatyn-a home town - the town that Harry's father came from
Yavoriv-another home town - where Harry's mother came from
Unselfishness evolved - those who say it is unsuccessful are wrong
Going to hell in a hand basket - people always complain about the new
A start of Harry's tree  - some ancestors of Harry
An attribution error - my mother was not perfect but neither are most of us
Talking Neanderthals - neanderthal could talk and so some assumptions have to go

Cowslip - spring flowers in the yard
Tulips in Kolomiya - another kind of protest
Crater Lake myth - the power of oral knowledge
In praise of vacations - three ways holidays are good
A new atlas of Inuit trails - establishing the record of Inuit land use
Muslim headgear: illustrations and names for various styles
Goldfinches  -  goldfinches on thistles outside the window
The Ig Noble Prizes - science has fun at its own expense
The dust bowl - how bad was the 30s drought on the prairies?
Prince Charles goof - problem unveiling in Colombia
Hating the poor - How people view the poor
The deaths in 1258 - the biggest volcanic eruption in 7000 years
Attitudes to Teenagers - how adults view teenagers
Pioneer women in science - 16 important pioneering women in science
Sometimes a crock is a crock - things I thought were wrong and are
A story from the Vikings - deeds of Blenda, girl with courage and wisdom

Current Affairs
Energiewende - how Germany is changing its energy system
Rosenberg Forum - protecting the MacKenzie river basin
GM questions are not scientific - Monsanto complaints
The EU peace prize - a deserved prize
L'Aquila verdict - science communication on trial

French bashing - there is more than one economic theory
Violence is decreasing -  short-term and long-term violence is going down

Fictitious money - where does money come from
Idle No More - a look at what is happening in Canada that the world needs to know about
The horse meat scandal - a running problem in Europe with meat
Aaron Swartz - a martyr for open access
How to serve olive oil - regulation passed then withdrawn by EU
Why we pay taxes - clipped article about taxes
Copyright may be counterproductive - books less available with copyright
Growth in Europe - not in recession now
You have been warned - IPCC report on climate change
No scientific consensus on GMO safety - ENSSER statement says there is no consensus
Ocean warnings - report on oceans is alarming
A New Common Market - East Africa is copying Europe
How to damage a company and a whole school system - Bill Gates' disasterous advice
Quoi que - Britain disappointing EU
Re-making Canada - the unbelievable harm that the current government is doing to Canada
Food politics and economics - philosophy of large peasant organization
Harper's view is not Canadian - he treats Canadian government as if it was American

Regulating Nanotechnology - regulators do not know enough about nano
The shock of the European elections - unprecedented results
Oil panic - why are companies risking all in their panic
The big 6 are dangerous - ruthless agrochemical & seed companies
Britain and the EU - why Europe is disappointed in Cameron

New look at Amanda Knox - Knox had good PR
The new EU Commission - government of Europe for next 5 years
The fishing problem - EU's fishing policy is a mess and a scandal
Cuban medicine against Ebola - how the Cubans do health
The European Union Budget - long term budgeting in the EU
Can multiculturalism stop killings? - the problem of Muslim violence in Europe
Syriza win in Greece - keynesian economics are back
The Bettencourt Case - the long saga of scandals in the French courts

Corporatocracy - the danger of trade deals with Investor State Dispute Settlement Provisions
US Congressional Progressive Caucus statement - what the progressives want from trade deals

Barmby branch and Yorkshire
Manners and Customs of the Wolds  - long description of Yorkshire Wolds in the early 1800s
Yorkshire Customs in the 1800s - long description of Yorkshire in the 1800s 
Thwing Meteorite - village (home of Coultas family) had meteorite in 1795
Amiens 1918 - details of the death of Jesse Barmby in WW1
Desperately Seeking Dugglebys  - profile of Ellen, a Duggleby family researcher
Catherine Duggleby - Bonny's story of my ggg grandmother 
Barmby pictures - collection of Barmby pictures 
Duggleby DNA project results  - two families found
Yorkshire Wolds Gallery - beautiful gallery visited in Yorkshire
Baby farming at Driffield - story of a scandal around the care of a Barmby baby (not direct ancestor)
Bridlington - history of the Yorkshire town
Star Carr  - Archeaological dig near Barmby origin
Hull bombing - the little known Hull Blitz
Barmby Moor - info on the village the family came from
Ringworks - prehisotric ring at Thwing Yorkshire

Wharram Percy - a deserted medieval village near Driffield Yorkshire

Woldgate - the art of Hockney from Barmby ancestor area
Duggleby site - a place for Duggleby information
1697 ride through East Riding -  from '
Through England on a Side Saddle in the Time of William and Mary'
The harrying of the North - William the Conquerer's terrible revenge on northeast England

England branch and Midlands/Birmingham/Muskoka
History of Ratley - long summary of Ratley history book 
Beautiful Muskoka - the region is famous for its beauty
Emma - live of my g grandmother   
Birmingham - Birmingham was a magnet to peole like the England brothers 
England pictures - collection of England pictures  
Shakespeare country - the country below EdgeHill
Ratley Roll of Honour - the England family took a big toll in WW1
Upton House - National Trust stately house in Alkerton/Ratley area
Victorian Servants - what is was like to be a servant in Victorian times
Art England's Summary of his research - England family history
Byfield Northamptonshire - village in 'Banburyshire'
The Moravian - the ship that the Englands took to Canada

Wight branch and New England/westward
Thomas Hooker  - biography and story of Thomas Hooker
Three Women Saved  - story from Moore history
Children of Mervingiam, Norman and Plantagenet Kings - if you follow gentry back you often get to kings
The War of 1812 - the war where 3 ancestors fought 
The Griswolds - Griswold family history
Some Clarence Wight Stories - a group of short rememberances from granddad
Wight pictures  - collection of Wight pictures
Winthrop Fleet - 11 ships bringing puritans to Massachusetts 
Mary and John - the Gaylord family passage to Connecticut
Bill Blandon on the Wights - neighbours memories of Wight familyon section 28   

Class divisions  - class in England at the time of New England settlement
Puritanism in New England
- research article on movement of Puritans in New England
Who was the Kimball? - trying to find connection between Kimball and Wight families
Madeline's obituary - obit and photo
Yankee Empire - New England culture history

From the Wight book - the first few pages
Madeline's ashes -
photo of croccus where ashes were spread
John Wight's two wives - the identity of the second wife
Wight of Hareby - tracing Wight family before it came to America
Two long, two short - aunt's poem about her mother
Clarence Wight's recollections of his grandfather John - my grandfather talking about his grandfather who he knew well
Teddy Roosevelt stops in Gibbon Nebraska  - CE Wight story about meeting Theodore Roosevelt
Everett Maroon's book - Houghtaling cousin has published a new book
Edgeville Boat Ride - a story by CE Wight
Glen Wight's obituary - last of the cousins
Viking hand - inherited bend in the little fingers that CEW had
Mother in Cogswell - stores of Mom staying with Myrtle and Bernard Klinkhammer
Evelyn's record of Gaylord Wight's memories 2 -running away from school
Evelyn's record of Gaylord Wight's memories 3 - the farm at Gibbon

Evelyn's record of Gaylord Wight's memories part 4 - the move to Canada
Evelyn's record of Gaylord Wight's memories part 5 - Gaylord's early school days

Krewson branch and Pennsylvania/New Amsterdam

Ancesters from Early Brooklyn - stories from early New Amsterdam
Thones Kunders and the 'German Mayflower'  - Palatinate German immigration
Quakers in Pennsylvania - Quakers in our family history 
Simon Krewson - stories of Simon Krewson including trips in the Gold Rush 
Ulstermen - some of our ancestors were Ulstermen (hillbillies)
Ohio Pioneers - descriptions of pioneer's life in Ohio 
Bucks County Hollanders - Dutch Reform Church members in Pennsylvania
Krewson pcitures - collection of Krewson pictures
Symon's Early New Netherlands Days - 21 articles from Vanguard, the Artsdalen family newletter
A new Krewson book -
first look at The Croesen Families of America I
Winschoten - the home of Krewsons in the Netherlands
Husum - the original home of Van Husum family
Kroesens move to Pennsylvania - some bit from Cruise book about move from NewYork area to Bucks Co PA
The family of Elizabeth Cregier, wife of Derrick Croesen - more info from Cruise book
The second Esopus War - Martin Cregier's journal of a Dutch-Indian war.
Derrick and Elizabeth - summary of a Krewson family lives
Warren Cruise on the Croesen family - the last pages of his book on the Croesen family
Ashburn Chicago - connection with section of Chicago
De Silla grave -
photo of Netherlands grave of Krewson ancestor
Joseph Ashburn character - a story about Joseph Ashburn
Possible Joshau Jones - attempts to find ancestors of Rebecca Jones wife of Simon Krewson
Mother's last letter - the last letter to Vira & Clarence from Vira's mother
Prospect Cemetery -
Osborn and Krewson ancestors in Indiana
Why use the Staats name? - early in the Krewson line there is an odd change of name
Getting to the gold fields - What Simon Krewson's trip was like
 Evelyn's record of Gaylord Wight's memories 1 - stories of OC Krewson family, Prospect Corner and the bell
Evelyn Beckman's notes on Joshau and Simon Krewson - notes from the 1970 Wight reunion
Wagons to California - conditions that Simon Krewson my have experienced

Family and general genealogy
Old Recipes from Vira Wight - some recipes found in Grandmother's book  
Memories of George Barmby
- eulogy and memories of brother George 
Pictures of Grandparents - collection of pictures 
The Soo Line - early settlement in Lang & Milestone area of Saskatchewan
Education from my Father - memories of what my father taught me 
Entries from Lang Syne book  - items from the Lang book on several people
Pictures of my father, Wallace Barmby  - collection of pictures
How many Ancestors and Who are They?  - power of 2 get very big and people get less known
Tapes from my Mother  - conversations with Mom a few years before she died with illustrating photos
Wally's funeral
 - Gaylord's account of Dad's funeral
Surname Meanings - look at surnames up to and including the gggg grandparents
Dangers of Family Tree Research - article found about the problems with genealogy
Greetings to my cousins - about my cousins & greetings to them
Benefits of genealogy - confidence from ancestors
Said at Mother's funeral - Eulogy and other speeches

The old farm house - Mother's visit to section 28 with Calvin
The Lang Oil Boom - Ralph Barmby's story of early Lang
Genealogical Humour - funny old song
Fogs, pools and walls - feelings at genealogical deadends
Common ancestors -
how far back do you have to go to find a common ancestor to all of us
Melvin Quale - information on my deceased step-father (burial Jun 8 Lang)
Mom's stash of letters - (1) letters from Dad in hospital having just had diabetes diagnosis, (2) letters back and forth between Mom and Dad while he has in Ontario winter of 41/42 (including one from Grandma Barmby, two from Marian Barmby, and a handcrasp letter from Wayne Wight, (3) a letter from Mom from Myrtle Klinkhammer funeral.
My sister May - Marjorie's tribute to Mom on her 70th
Report on Trip - Marjorie Barmby and Mothers letter on return from Europe visit, plus my notes.

Things Mother remembered about the old house -  Mom's description of the house on section 28

Harry Nicholson - River Valley
Banksy - cleaning up Lascaux paintings
Francis Msangi - women pressing cane
Judith Copithorne - brackets
Marsha DeLouchery
- granaries
Claude Breeze - Harry
Art McKay - Southern Saskatechewan
Barrett Lyon - Internet image
Simon Beck - Snow pattern
MC Escher - Day and night
Lyne North - Poppies
Leonardo Da Vinci - Water
Napachie - Drying Fish
Brain Fisher - Moving in Alone
Tom Thomson - The Jack Pine
JF Millet - The Gleaners
Roy Kiyooka -
Aleph #2
Carlos Barberena - Monsanto
David Smith - Las Vegas
Bill Reid - Bill Reid and Totem
Toni Onley - Marker Georgian Bay
Vincent Van Gogh - Wheat field with crows
Michelle Kowalski - rusty junk
William Turner - Yarmouth Sands
Gustav Klimt - Adele Block-Bauer Portrait
Matazo - Frozen Forest
Vallotton - Verdun
Pickering - barn sketch
Willendorf Venus - prehistoric carving
Relander - Snowflake
Maher - Green bottom

Avercamp - Winter landscape with skaters
Perreault - Guiding light
Edvard Munch - Madonna
CRW Nevinson - Paths of Glory
Greg Dunn - Cortical Columns
Makonda - Tree of Life
Asai - Yamatane
Arabesque - early Islamic