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May 2015 letter
We had the tailend of Ciara's visit and meeting Chris and his boys at the beginning of the month. It was a very good visit (see visits link). They are both just graduated from law school and are starting their articling. Ciara will be articling with Merrilee's partnership (mother, sister and uncle).
I have a new computer but I didn't set in up while they were here. It came with Windows installed but I have got rid of that. It is now Linux and not Windows and has a lot of stuff moved over from the old machine but there is more (the hard bits) to do. When I tried to get the program that I use to create and update this site each month, I found it had been changed (improved?) and it is long longer free or supported with my Linux provider. After much looking for new programs and going around in circles with the old one, I decided to use the same program that I use for my blogs - tried and true Wordpress. That means that I will be different next month. I will take the opportunity to change things. The old materal in the current site will get moved over slowly and with some culling. The first month in the new site may be a little thin and/or a little late. The site's URL will be http://janetspace.dyslectern.info.
Harry is busy with the garage building, working as quickly as he can. (see house link)
It was tree blooming time. The neighbours have great trees and we had blooms on the laburnum, acacia, cherry, hawthorn, and dogwood. There were some nice wild flowers as well including a bumper crop of the little pyramid orchads. The garden is growing although I haven't got as much in as I hoped. We have to mow like mad this time of year. sheep
The neighbour has borrowed sheep. He is housing some in the good weather for the neighbour along the back road. (see photo) There is a lot of ba's these days and Ginger looks at them a lot.  They are not having a mow like us - if we had a fence, we could have sheep do the work too. But the sheep got out of their fenced area the other day while the neighbours were away. They did a nice trim on the hedge but then they noticed the garden. Harry got the owner of the sheep to come over with a bucket of grain and attracted them back to their proper place.They did have a lettuce fed while they were in the garden.
May is my mother's month: her name, her birthday, her burial and Mother's Day. I remember her more in May than in other month but it also makes me love this month more than others. "The twenty-four of May is the Queen's birthday. If we don't get a holiday, we'll all run away." I remember her saying that on the 24th, even though Victoria had been dead many years. Her birthday and burial were in May 24th.

cartoon dog

That little black dog
is coming  on my patch
 - under the fence - and
making up to my humans.


Quizzes – why do I do these?

How much do you know about aging? Score 19/20
“Congratulations! Your score of 19 shows that you understand a great deal about how foods and stress interact in your body to either slow the aging process, or speed it up. I'm willing to bet there are still several foods, herbs, spices, tips & tricks that you do not know that can help propel you to even greater heights of youth and vitality. Please continue on to discover how to not only SLOW the aging process, but also look & feel 5-10 years younger!”
How good are you with plural words? All correct But it is easier with multiple choice than actually spelling them – I am not a great speller! These were the words: Knives, Emphases, Crises, Oxen, Radii, Elves, Cacti, Curricula, Synopses, Media
“Most people struggled with this quiz – but not you! We’re not sure if you’re a writer, or just a grammar aficionado, but you absolutely dominated this quiz! Great job!”
Your perfect job is - bodyguard What a joke!! Got me wrong this time.
“You're a good judge of people, trustworthy and loyal. As a bodyguard, you could be wonderful at ensuring safety! You analyze every situation quickly and thoroughly, and you can recognize in a heartbeat if you're dealing with a friend or a foe. You know that a bodyguard doesn't only have to have strength, but also brains and an eye for the crucial details. In seemingly hopeless situations, you always have a solution ready. And your clients know that they can always count on you. You should really become a bodyguard!”