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Old Letters:

2015: Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr

Letter January 2015

Hi, January has been cold by the standards of this part of the country. In has often been below freezing at night in the second half of the month and we have had four snow falls (none lasted more than a day). See photo. The freezing and threats of freezing has put a halt to working on the garage as concreting a bit is next and it can't be done if it is going to freeze. Anyway it is not reasonable for Harry to work outside when it is really cold - don't want him to get pneumonia at 84. There are a few picture at the house link. I have been a little ill and so have not been doing much either. We are getting ready to spring into action when we see a bit of spring.
We were at the big hospital in Bourges (which is in about the 5th stage of extensions and rearrangements). We were going to a part of the hospital we had not been before. And so Harry left me at the enterance and went to park the car. There were no parking spaces but at the very end of the building some people were illegally parked so Harry joined them. He walked back to the enterance and we went to the big desk at the very other end of the building (Harry's walk #1). The desk was going to direct us to the right place but instead send a clerk with us so we didn't get lost. It was a long walk (#2). We did our business and then were shown a door to the outside. Harry went to find the car while I waited by a little side door. Harry walked back to the front desk (#3) and then out the front enterance and around to where he had parked the car (#4). He drove the car round the round the hospital but could not see the side door. He tried to phone me but my phone was off. So he found a parking space at the front and walked
snowthe length of the building to get me (#5) and we walked together back to the front (#6) and got in the car. To get out we had to drive around the hospital again. I pointed out the side door and Harry pointed out where the car had been and they were very close but around a corner from each other. Harry had walked the lenght of the hospital SIX times, close to 2 kilometers. One walk the length of the hospital was enough to knacker both of us. Next time we park illegally as before, go it and out the nearby side door. I am a bit ashamed because my phone was off and because I did not insist on my intuition about the path we took with the clerk and let Harry work on his intuition. I know that I have a better sense of direction.
We are looking forward to some great visits this year.  Janet

Letter February 2015
February has been a short, busy month, also cold and damp. Harry only worked outside for short periods and I stayed indoors most of the time. He worked on the garage some (see house).
I had an appointment with the specialist and I thought he would give me an OK. But I had the wrong date. We drove to Bourges (parked so that we didn't have to walk the length of the hospital), and were told that my appointment was the day before. Another specialist took pity on us having driven into town and squeezed me in – but – said I was not completely better and had to keep up the medication.
We bought a treadmill and so I can get more exercise. Harry is using it too and walking upright on it rather than bent over. But I did get some exercise this month, as well as on the treadmill, because I cleaned house, all day for about a week.
Harry went for a test from his eye specialist. It was a fairly long drive away, early in the morning and he was to take drops 45 mins ahead of the appointment. We tried to figure out a way to do it but in the end he took a taxi (the one in Bengy that does medical trips). It cost a bit but the alternatives (trains and hotels) were more expensive and a hustle. The taxi took him there, put in the drops at the right time, waited for him and brought him back. They also knew the way and the location of the clinic. The upshot of the trip and testing was that Harry will not benefit from a particular new treatment and so won't be getting it.
Bob McIlwaine came for almost a week. It was a good visit. (see visits) He came with a cold and after he left Harry started getting it and a day later I started. It looks like we will be over fairly quickly but it is a proper cold not just a little sniffle.
I have done very little on the computer during the cleaning and the visit so I am now trying to catch up. So... this months update will be a little short with no image in the gallery page or photo with this letter and no web stats. I have neglected my blog in the second half of the month and also Facebook, mail etc. and I have been missing all the news and the scientific papers. I have some catching up to do.
Letter March 2015
Hello, Spring is here - some great sunny days and some very windy wet days. Photo is of the almond tree on our road which is the first tree to bloom in the spring. The first flowers in our yard were tiny blue flowers of corn speedwell making a carpet in places (Veronica arvensis). There was enough good days to get some work done on the garage and one day of getting the garden in shape. (see house link).
We had the departmental elections and it is too early for final results but it looks like the centrist parties held off the National Fro
almondnt here. The center right got 12 members, the center left - Socialists 5 and the far left & greens 2. But important the far right FN under Le Pen get 0. Relief all round. All the parties except the FN campaigned on local, Departmental issues but the FN campaigned on national issues and with more expensive leaflets. It's nice to see that didn't get them votes.
The Twizy has been losing charge on its little battery - not the big one that moves the car but a little 9 volt that runs the lights and stuff like that. We complained about it not holding a charge and they have fixed it, we hope.
I am just about done the taxes and will be sending them off in a couple of days. Somehow we didn't qualify for any tax break that the Canadian government has been talking about - wonder why.
We are expecting some visitors this year: Ciara & new family end of April and start of May, Merrilee & Aydon end of August and maybe Paul in the summer and the Hinson-Parson family if they can come. Janet

April 2015 letter
This month's letter is late (and skippy) because it has been a busy time in the final part of the month.
April started very wet, then was beautiful weather until the end of the month when it was very wet again. Harry got some work done on the bottom plates on the garage and we have been waiting for the wood to arrive. (pictures next month) Some more of awkward stumps have been removed.
The taxes got mailed in time and a bit of gardening is in.
We have a nightingale this year and have heard in several times in the night. Lovely.
My computer is a little flaky these days and so we bought a new one. We have not had time to set it up yet.
But we did do a house cleaning in preparation for visitors. (see cartoon) A once or twice a year big deal.
Ciara, Chris and the two boys arrived on the 28th and we have had a good visit but it isn't over yet. Visit report next month.