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This is the personal website of Janet Kwasniak. It is updated once a month. There are several areas:
(1) news for family, friends and acquaintancies - how we are, how the house building is coming, who has visited us or we have visited and so on.
(2) views about things that interest me for those that are also interested in those subjects, whether they are people I know or not.
(3) genealogical information on my family for those interested in the families involved. If you spot errors or omissions in this material please let me know.

I am retired and live with my husband on a small pension in France. In the past I have lived in Canada, UK, Kenya, Austria. Most of my working life I was either a Biology/Medical/Chemical technician/lab administer or a Computer analyst/system administer and I have a Bachelors in science. I was a Toastmaster for many years.

I also have a blog about consciousness neuropatch, an older inactive blog thoughts on thoughts and a genealogical site Janet Kwasniak Family Tree.

You may contact me by email using gen@charbonniers.org