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Progress in building the house

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Previous work
Winter 2011-12 - wiring, drywall, lino, plumbing
Spring 2012 -  wiring, plumbing, drywall
Summer 2012 - drywall, paint, floors 

Autumn 2012 -  kitchen, sewer, plumbing   
Winter 2012 kitchen, bathroom    

Winter 2011-12

drywall drywall
lifter doesn't go in hall - used props, ledges & Janet
hall light, ceiling and top of wall in
light switch being wired
bathroom ceiling and light
light switch and plug in bathroom
Visits from Bob, Ciara & Ryan, not much work for a few days except moving in drywall sheets & heater. Harry cut his thumb and that needed a few days of lightish work. Then working under floor so no pictures. drywall hole in kitchen wiring
Days are getting very short and even  shorter with fall time change. socket for washer first to come from under the floor
hole in floor for wiring for kitchen island
getting ready to call inspector
I said I would do the mudding & so I am starting

 There has been work on the wiring and some other bits of mud, dry wall, floor prep, but they are small, not easy or clear to photograph. This is the worst time of year for getting things done. 

door light
Before inspection we need to do the earthing wires and these include earthing the metal frames. Metal beams under floor done but not the metal in the bathroom. So must do toilet and shower in bathroom so that they can be grounded.

last electric fixture in

floor sanded, hard board put down, & lino
toilet frame in and start of mudding behind shower

COLD - A few little things have been done but it is simply too cold for someone over 80 to be working in it. Nothing more will happen until it warms up. Purchased frig and cooking hob, planned plumbing and heating, all in the warm.
sewer sewer
base of shower being prepared to go down
shower base fixed in place

sewer run put in the crawl space at the right slope
sewer in up to hole in foundation
Under the kitchen sink is where the in-coming water supply will get distributed and the sewer drain starts. To make sure it was going to work as planned, Harry assembled the cabinet that the sink would fit in.
sink cabinet hob cabinet
sink drain peeking through the floor where sink will go

partly assembled cabinet for sink
partly assembled cabinet for cooking hob at same time
here is new hob -  burners changed for bottled gas
Because there is a lot of splits and values right where the water comes in under the sink, Harry is doing it in copper to save place. The rest will be fancy new tubing.

start for plumbing for water coming in

assembling under sink plumbing

Spring 2012

rj45 help toilet window
toilet window
Toilet back
rj45 for livebox & hole for wire to upstairs computer
neighbour helping Harry with phone wiring
little window in toilet put in
from inside
back of toilet with flushing button
water manifold
Harry has been working on the plumbing upstairs.
Bob helped Harry lift heater onto the stand. It is secured in place, and is plumbed in.  Ironically the four legged stand is called a tripod (trepieds) in French.
water heater
water manifold on landing & permanent landing floor
2 three leggers taking a rest
dead Elms cut down & Harry had a big bonfire

Water heater in place

scaffold gone done on back:
- scaffold gone to PH's
- corner edging on upper story
- motion detecter and light
- wind protection on edge of roof
After the burglary, neighbours (who all have systems) said to get an alarm system. We bought one and have been having a time reading the manual. It is wireless. alarm
We have a new composter back clear of scaffolding

Harry and alarm computer
Not much has been done this month. Various hangups with tools & mudding is slow work. In the kitchen insulation & vapour barrier is in, drywall up and mudding started on ceiling.    
after insulation and barrier in place
upper sheets first to support ceiling
little holes left in ceiling and internal walls closed
nearing end of external walls in kitchen
insulation, barrier & drywall in place - mudding started
Summer 2012

No work was done while Harry's neck recovering.  But in the time after the neck was pretty good but we were still scared to work on the ceiling - Harry made a rig to put a arc on a mudding spatula.
this type of work hurt Harry's neck -mid July
The arc allows more mud in the middle where it shrinks more.
The arc is controlled by the angle the spatula is held at
It is not a very deep arc
grinder on long rod over a clamp to hold the spatula
painted ceiling
sanding floor
Harry's neck appears to be healed. He has a lot of paper work to do to get the permanent electrical supply. Then the kitchen flooring is next.
moving the grinder from side to side made the arc
(imagine the spatula is in the clamp)
kitchen mudding and sanding done, water proof paint on ceiling
hired sander for day and sanded kitchen floor - mid Aug

Sheets of hard board are dampened overnight and stapled down at west end of room.  Rolled flooring is brought through the east wall and positioned alone west wall.Hard board put down then unrolling across the floor.

passing the place where wires come up
 painted a wall while lino  relaxes after being rolled
cupboards cupboards cupboards
trimmed flooring at east end
the hole that the roll came through from next room
kitchen stuff moved in on new floor to put together
Starting on a little hard cupboard - the spice rack
a difficult puzzle with mistakes in directions etc.
finally assembled and attached to another
as Harry did this hard one, he should be able to do them all
Sep 4 - red letter day! electric inspector passed the installation
brand new oven to be fitted
this was the last of the bottoms - combined pair for the hob & oven
Floor solution: pvc flooring very heavy and only a 2cm clearance to  room width, roll was slightly spiralled therefore wider than room, and the end was not cut square. When unrolled, lino was not square, climbed walls, had kinks, a mess. The lino was too heavy to lift or drag or move at all. Harry's solution was to connect the hose of the shop vac to blow rather than suck; make an extension to it; and push it under the lino to the center. He blew a bubble of air under the lino center. 
With a big broon he moved the bubble around and slowly moved the lino to be straight between the side wall and up against the one end wall. It just needs to be trimmed on the final wall.

oven in - next the hob

Autumn 2012

bathroom door
top ready to cut hole for hob
heater put in bathroom - for freezing nights
and door on bathroom - the chemicals are stored in here
set of 4 cupboards in place
ladder for setting next group on
two units in place
sink init being put on end of other units
hole for hob made and hob put in
plumbing connected with water supply
counter faulty - not glued at end - return to store
other counters being oiled with tung oil
replacement counter is different style
hole for sink is cut
some plumbing for sink
bought stuff for sewer - 50 meter sewer pipe
and the tank
and pump & valves
straightening pipe in sun
putting exhaust through to help

We hired the two guys that put in the run for electricity etc. to put in the sewer run. We hired digger and they came on their day off work.
Oct 31 - digging

red pipe to protect sewer under drive
pipe buried from house to manhole & connected
tank in place & ready for pump
Only putting the pump in the tank and wiring it up left. It is because our house is lower than the main sewer that causees us to have a one-way valve, tank and pump. Better than a septic tank though.

some extra bits of earth moving  before leaving

plumbing to bathroom and kitchen on its way

Winter 2012

I did not take any pictures of some work that was done upstairs - plumbing and filling space between windows and roof.
sink frig gas to stove bathroom walls

sink is fixed and plumbing finished
frig in place
hob is fixed and connected to gas
back of bathroom walls being finished

toilet fixture in & connected to drain