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Genealogies, Pictures and Stories about the Barmby, England, Wight and Krewson families. And here is a link to my family tree site,  Janet Kwasniak Family Tree, built by the genealogy program I use. This can also be reached from the home page and the four individual family pages.

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Genealogical pages for: Barmby     England     Wight     Krewson new
Pieces about immediate family or general interest:  Old Recipes from Vira Wight    Memories of George Barmby   Pictures of Grandparents    Tapes from my Mother   The Soo Line    Education from my Father    Entries from Lang Syne book    Pictures of my father, Wallace Barmby    How many Ancestors and Who are They?    Wally's funeral   Meanings of surnames   Dangers of Family tree research    Greetings to my cousins    Benefits of Genealogy   Said at Mother's funeral    The old farm house    The Lang 'Oil Boom'     Genealogical humour    Fogs, pools and walls    Common ancestors    Melvin Quale   Mom's stash of letters  My sister May   Report on trip   Things Mother remembered about the old house