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Genealogy of the England Family

Sources: Sophia England was my grandmother. Most of the information I have on her family has come from the research efforts of Art England. There was also information from Lorna Bennett and from the back of a photograph of Emma Woodward that now belongs to Marcia Clark. Jack Beeching has added information. Recently Barry Hitchcox has made contact, adding and confirming information. A book on Ratley had interesting background. I have much less history of this grandparent then on the other three.
Recent: Sophia's parents, Richard England and Emma, immigrated to Ontario from England on the Morovian docking at Quebec 18 May 1875. The family was then 7 members: Richard 43, Emma 34, George 18, Walter 16, James 12, Mary 7 and Henry 5. These children were from their previous marriages of both. Richard's brother David England and sister-in-law Elizabeth with their children Agnes, Owen and Laura came the previous year on the Prussian.
The two brothers first lived in London Ontario where Sophia was born in Richard's family and Mark in David's. They then homesteaded on adjacent farms in Chaffey, in the Huntsville district of Ontario. Here Richard A was born. Emma raised the children alone after Richard died in an accident. Walter and Richard A both homesteaded in the Milestone area, and their sister Sophia married John Barmby who knew the England brothers from working with them. They all homesteaded in the same area.
Of these children: Sophia is grandmother to me and my Barmby first cousins, Walter is grandfather to Lorna Bennett and my other Campbell second cousins (Walter was a son of Richard England from his first marriage to Mary Hannah Golby). Richard A is grandfather to Art's branch of the family and Mary is the great grandmother of Jack Beeching.
Looking for the parents of the brothers Richard and David, leads to their change of name. They were originally called Hitchcox, but changed to their mother's maiden name of England. A sister of Richard and David called Mercy is the great grandmother of Barry Hitchcox. Barry believes that all of the siblings, children of William Hitchcox and Mary England, changed their names from Hitchcox to England. Mercy had a son, William Hitchcox, who was raised by her parents and therefore had the name Hitchcox although Mercy had changed hers. William, the son, had a family of 17 children including Barry Hitchcox's father.
The parents of Emma Woodward were George Woodward and his wife, possibly a Spanish bride according to the note on the back of the photograph of Emma (but the dates are very problematic). Emma's name from her first marriage was Joyner.
Distant: I have almost no early information on Hitchcox, England and Woodward families. They were living in the Edge Hill area near Banbury and the Oxfordshire-Warwickshire border.

Little family tree