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Genealogy of the Barmby family
Sources: My grandfather was John Robert Barmby. Information on his ancestors came to me originally from notes made by Eva Clark for an uncle. This information was then researched by Harry Nicholson to give a family tree. Information was added from the Duggleby site , the Barmby forum on Rootsweb, the Driffield forum (Barmby and Coultas contributors), the Barmby Rootsweb forum and especially from Hazel Burt, the Bygod site, and other sources. Information had been independently collected by Tina Barmby and we found we had no mismatches except the Nep/Knipe name. A conversation with Cristine Richards (a niece of Eva Clark) was also helpful.
Recent: Four Barmby brothers came to Canada from the Driffield area of Yorkshire around the turn of the century: John Robert (my grandfather), Thomas, Fredrick (Jim Barmby's grandfather) and Jesse. Jesse died in WW1. The other three farmed in or near the Milestone/Lang area of Saskatchewan, along the SooLine. John and Tom were the original homesteaders in that area (#s 1 and 2 in the records). John married Sophia England, Fred married Esther Dixon and both had families. Tom remained unmarried.
The other siblings of these brothers were:
Violet, who had two daughters Eva and Ethel, both childless
Charles, who had a daughter Ruby (Ruby married and had children)
James Coultas, who had one son who died in infancy.
Mary who remained single and childless
Sarah Jane who married and had children Wilfred (Wilfred married but it is not known if he had children), Jeffrey and Mabel (Jeffrey and Mabel were childless).
Thus the cousins in this branch of the family are the decendants of John Robert and Fred Barmby, of Ruby Peirson, and of Wilfred Leadill if he had any.

The brother's parents were Thomas Barmby and Jane Coultas of Thwing. Their ancestors appear to have lived in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Distant: The surnames which have been linked to this family are: Barmby, Beilby, Botham, Bygod, Clifford, Coale, Coultas, Dalby, Duggleby, Exelby, Forge, Hill, Hurd, Johnson, Mallory, Nep or Knipe, Pattison, Putsey, Raper, Smallwood, Stephenson, Taylor, Thorley, Tindall, Vickerman, Watson, Wilson, Yates, Young. Most of these families do not have long histories; they are fairly ordinary East Yorkshire families. The Duggleby and Bygod lines are more extensive and less ordinary but still rooted in East Yorkshire. Below is the start of the tree; see Family Tree for the earlier generations.

Little family tree