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News - May letter & photo, Ginger  complaintHouse progressCiara visit, quizzes
ViewsThe Black Board - Uncle Ronnie's gift of a slate black board; School strike - why are French teachers striking?; Social connotations colour accents - asked for aesthetic judgments, people make social ones; Pain - A look at how pain works; US Congressional Progressive Caucus statement - what the progressives want from trade dealsA story from the Vikings - deeds of Blenda, girl with courage and wisdom; naive realism quote; arabesque image
Family - Wagons to California - conditions that Simon Krewson may have experienced
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Here is a link to my current blog, Neuro-patch, and my old blog, Thoughts on thoughts. They follow developments in understanding consciousness and Neuro-patch is updated often. And here is a link to my family tree site Janet Kwasniak Family Tree, built by the genealogy program I use. This can also be reached from the family page. The latest update was May 12 2010.

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The family area has a illustration of the main branches of my family and lists of items in five categories: a general area and specific areas that look at the families of each of my four grandparents. This page and many others have  a link to Janet Kwasniak Family Tree, which is a complete copy of my genealogy program with all its data.  The Ancestors of X pages are different from other pages because they lack the heading that appears on all other pages (the little picture, Janet's Place title and the 5 top links). Return from these pages using the page-back arrow on your browser. There is also an item with pictures and tapes. You will not be able to hear the tapes if you do not have an mp3 player available on your computer. 

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